Some of the strange things happens at Battersea escorts

Is there a ghost at Battersea escorts? Strange events have been taking place at the office of Battersea escort services from The front desk girls have been claiming that they have been hearing strange noises late at night. It sounds like somebody shuffling around the building, says Nikki, who is one the front desk girls. It is actually very frightening and we thought we had been broken into once. As a matter of fact, we called the police who came out. They were really good as you do get homeless people break into buildings, but they could not find anybody. It just sounded so real, says Nikki.

The other night, our boss Alan was in with us, says Nikki. He thought he would come and check things out, After all, we had been complaining like mad and I think that we were getting on his nerves a bit. He kept on telling us that there isn’t such a thing as a ghost at Battersea escorts services, but now he is not so sure any more, laughs Nikki. He was in his office when the door opened slowly, but there was nobody there. He could hear us girls on the phones, but could not see anything. Now, he is going to come in a couple of more nights to see what is going on, says Nikki.

The truth is, says Alan, this is a very old building. I have always had a very positive feel about the place, but recently it has felt different. When the girls started calling the police, I started to take it seriously, says Alan. I know that people can sneak into buildings and live there, but this feels really different. It is not evil, but there is a presence which I can’t explain. I worry about the girls being alone in here at night, so I have started coming in.

One night, says Alan, I am going to be really brave and stay the night. I will bring in a sleeping bag and sit in the corner of my office. Even if nothing turns up, I have decided to call in a psychic. Battersea escorts may be an escort’s agency, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a ghost living here. A couple of the Battersea escorts have been in and say that the building feels different. I don’t know where these things come from but it is most certainly here, says Alan and looks a bit alarmed.

I am not a man who frightens easily, says Alan, but whatever it is has got me spooked. If it is a ghost, we must be able to deal with it somehow. Before this was the offices of Battersea escorts, says Alan, it was a shipping agency and before that I don’t. I wonder if it is related to the building or the place itself. They did find an old plaque burial place here a couple of doors down when they restored that house a few months ago. Maybe they disturbed somebody, says Alan looking a bit worried.

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